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T-Mobile accused of silencing employees facing sexual harassment

It takes a lot of courage for employees in Florida and elsewhere to stand up for themselves if they believe that they are being harassed, but it unfortunately is a situation that most simply endure. A former employee of T-Mobile alleges that after she presented her sexual harassment complaint, she was told that she could not speak about it under the threat of facing repercussions. She claims that she was working hard and being successful in her position until she was placed under her new supervisor.

The plaintiff began to receive warnings immediately from her co-workers that her new supervisor did not work well with women, but she tried not to pay attention to their remarks. After a month of working with her new supervisor, she began to notice his disturbing behavior. He allegedly would violate her personal space and place his hand over hers to guide her mouse as she worked; he even put his crotch near her face.

She continued to feel uncomfortable with her supervisor and noticed that she was not the only person subjected to his inappropriate touching. The plaintiff witnessed another female co-worker getting a massage and then the supervisor began allegedly performing them on her. She made it clear that she was uncomfortable with what he was doing. Purportedly, her supervisor suggested that if the woman had an issue with him touching her, there would be a way of getting her fired or facing disciplinary action.

After reporting the events to human resources, the plaintiff was told that she needed to sign a waiver before the investigation would be conducted. The document stated that she could not speak to anyone about the sexual harassment and, if she did, she could face repercussions up to and including being fired. Instead of signing the waiver, the plaintiff chose to quit.

Although the National Labor Relations Board determined that such a document was against the law a year later, T-Mobile was only forced to remove the documents in two states. She is continuing to fight against the company to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace from being silenced. The law protects Florida employees from being victimized or facing retaliation for reporting such incidents, and those who are aggrieved may consider consulting with an employment law attorney to pursue the appropriate claims.

Source:, "After Employee Complained Of Sexual Harassment, T-Mobile Told Her To Keep It Quiet", Bryce Covert, Nov. 19, 2015

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