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Medical professionals often face sexual harassment at work


Medical professionals, particularly females, often experience untoward treatment from both patients and co-workers while they are at work. Sometimes, this treatment is sexual harassment, and Florida victims of this type of behavior often feel unsure of what they can do about it. Many women doctors, nurses and medical workers say they've experienced unwanted verbal advances or even physical contact from patients and others while they are on shift.

The statistics about women in the medical field are troubling. For example, medical students are 220% more likely to experience sexual harassment during their work and training than nonmedical or nonscience students. Around one in four women training to be doctors will experience sexual advances and other types of harassment before they even become practicing physicians. 

In many instances, sexual harassment comes from patients. There are examples of patients groping doctors during exams, becoming threatening, making inappropriate remarks and much more. In addition to the threat female doctors may face from patients, many report experiencing harassing treatment from male co-workers and supervisors. There is evidence that around half of all sexual violence female doctors experience comes from faculty and medical staff members.

Florida female doctors may feel hesitant to speak out because they may not be sure of what they can do, and they may also fear the possibility of losing their future opportunities and place in various programs. As a result, many of them suffer in silence. It can be daunting, but every victim has the right to speak out about sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the workplace. With help, it is possible to bring these issues to light and hold those parties who are responsible fully accountable.

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