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Unpaid overtime a serious employment law concern


When a Florida worker clocks in at work, he or she has the right to expect fair pay for hours on the job. This is a reasonable assumption whether a person is at work for four hours or is on the clock for 16 hours. However, after a certain number of hours, an employee has the right to expect overtime pay. Failure of employers to pay rightful wages is a serious employment law issue.

Employees from another state took action after their employer's refusal to pay overtime wages. One worker asked his boss for additional hours, and his employer told him that he could work shifts at other buildings also managed by the same company. When that individual showed up for his second shift of the day, he was made to sign in all over again, even though he was working on a continual day.

Reports from other workers suggest that this was standard, albeit unfair, practice with this company. Employees are now fighting for their rightful pay, which is time and half for all overtime hours. Segmenting a worker's day can allow an employer to avoid paying more, but it is illegal and unacceptable. Workers do not have to remain silent.

When a Florida worker believes that he or she is the victim of unfair pay wage practices, that person has the right to speak out. Working with an experienced employment law attorney can help a person see what legal options may be available. In some cases, it may be appropriate for a person to take legal action through a civil claim in order to pursue appropriate pay. 

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