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Restaurant Workers Say They Experienced Sexual Harassment


Several women who work at Twin Peaks restaurant locations in South Florida says they were mistreated by both their employers and customers while on the job. The waitresses have filed a lawsuit against the company that owns and operates the restaurants, but the company claims that their allegations are baseless. The waitresses say they experienced inappropriate comments, touching and and other forms of sexual harassment on the clock.

The women who work at this restaurant have to wear revealing clothes as part of their uniform. Twin Peaks markets itself as a place that appeals to men because of the way the waitstaff dresses and its sports-bar atmosphere. Regardless of the way employees have to dress and the type of environment where a person works, each individual has the right to a workplace that is free from inappropriate comments and unwanted sexual advances.

One waitress claims the restaurant violated employment regulations by refusing to allow her to return to her job as a waitress after having a baby, because of her weight gain. Other employees claim that one manager touched them inappropriately whenever they needed assistance. There are also claims that the management did not protect employees when customers acted inappropriately or aggressively toward them.

By filing a sexual harassment claim, these workers are seeking to hold their Florida employers accountable for the mistreatment they experienced at work. Victims of harassment in their workplaces have the right to fight for compensation from their employers and other parties deemed responsible. A person in similar circumstances will find it beneficial to start by seeking a complete assessment of his or her case from an attorney experienced in handling employment law issues.

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