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Was pretextual discrimination the reason for your firing?

Fort Lauderdale workers likely know that age discrimination is illegal. But what few may realize is that less-than-honest employers can use pretexts to terminate older workers in an attempt to circumvent state and federal discrimination laws.

Here's how it might go down in a workplace setting:

Gender bias and discrimination may get worse as jobs get better

Many times, it often seems like the more technical and high-paying a job is, the harder it is for women or other minorities to break into that field. While groups that have historically experienced discrimination have made massive strides toward better representation in many parts of the economy, they still struggle to find adequate representation at the highest levels in many industries.

Those fields can include information technology, engineering, science, medicine and other highly educated career paths. Even women who work as highly paid attorneys can experience discrimination in their work. For the women trying to break down the barriers in these fields, it is often difficult to move forward after an experience of discrimination.

Landmark Supreme Court cases on gender discrimination

The courts have grown to treat and understand issues relating to gender discrimination in a certain way over a period of decades. Specific landmark cases that the U.S. Supreme Court has tried and decided have shaped gender discrimination law into what it is today.

Here are some of the most important Supreme Court cases on gender discrimination dating back to 1974:

Examples of age discrimination: Are you on the lookout?

Depending on your age, you may begin to wonder if your employer is discriminating against you.

While there are times when people are nothing more than paranoid, this isn't always the case. There's a possibility you could be the victim of age discrimination at some point. If you have reason to believe this is true, you'll want to learn more about what's going on and how to protect your legal rights.

Common types of workplace gender bias

Gender inequality is problem that spans multiple industries. Whether you are working in the tech industry, in an accounting firm or as a barista in a Fort Lauderdale coffee shop, you might experience or witness gender bias at work. For women working in male-dominated workplaces, gender bias can creates an atmosphere of discrimination that can make the workplace toxic.

There are several kinds of gender bias that occur more frequently than others. In order to take preventive measures, watch for these common examples of gender bias in the workplace.

Sexual harassment at work: Take these steps to protect yourself

It doesn't matter how old you are, what type of job you have or where you work, nothing changes the fact that sexual harassment should never occur at your place of employment.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is every bit as serious as it sounds, as this can negatively impact not only your career but your entire life. Furthermore, it doesn't do the company any favors, as this behavior can make for a hostile work environment for everyone.

Women face frequent discrimination in STEM jobs

Throughout America and many other parts of the developed world, women are speaking out against discrimination in many different work environments. Frustratingly, some fields of work appear to feature much more frequent instances of discrimination than others, specifically for those who work science, technology, engineering or mathematics, known as STEM fields.

According to numerous reports in the last several months, women who work in STEM fields may face significantly more discrimination in the workplace than those who choose to pursue jobs in areas more traditionally inclusive of women. It is certainly disappointing to learn that many of the fields that we as a society deem some of the most important and valuable are mired in gender discrimination.

Are you facing age discrimination at work?

You were employed in the same job for 30 years, and over the last three decades you became exceptionally skilled at what you do. After your boss of 25 years retired, however, the new manager decided to hire an increasingly younger workforce.

The new talent brought creativity and fresh ideas to the workplace -- something you enjoyed -- but you felt like the new boss looked at you differently because of your age. He even passed you up for lucrative job assignments in favor of your younger colleagues. It hadn't occurred to you before, since you don't identify with being "old," but now you're wondering if you're being discriminated against.

These signs point to age discrimination in the workplace

Imagine working in the same job for 20 years when the company merges with another organization. The new management team is high energy and hungry to make their mark within the industry. Things slowly begin to change around the office and you are becoming more and more unsure of your position. But, what if what you are experiencing is age discrimination? What if the new management team is working on pushing out any employees who are over a certain age?

Age discrimination is something that occurs in in Fort Lauderdale companies as well as many others across the nation. If you are not sure if you are a victim, look for the following signs of age discrimination.

Have you faced lactation discrimination after your pregnancy?

Discrimination against women and mothers can come in a wide range of forms. Some forms are more subtle, such as employers hesitating to hire women of childbearing age because of the risk of pregnancy and related medical leave. Other times, discrimination against women for their reproductive health issues is overt, with bosses or co-workers mocking or refusing to accommodate the medical needs of a pregnant worker.

One of the ways that employers discriminate against female employees is by refusing to accommodate a new mother's needs for nursing or pumping breast milk. After the birth of a baby, a woman's body naturally begins the process of making milk to sustain the child. There are many health benefits associated with nursing or breastfeeding, including losing pregnancy weight, bonding with the baby and improving the brain growth and immune system of the infant. Mothers who choose to provide this for their new child shouldn't face workplace discrimination.

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