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Sexual harassment in the fast food world


McDonald's restaurants are virtually everywhere in Florida and across the globe, and most people are probably familiar with the brand and the type of food found at its locations. Because of the brand's popularity, many people may also be aware of how sexual harassment affected the company at its highest levels of operations. Just this week, the CEO of the company was ousted due to an improper consensual relationship with a subordinate. 

News of the CEO's departure comes after a few years of a successful turnaround effort at the fast-food giant. Through various efforts, the company was able to improve stock prices and maintain its place in the hyper competitive world of quick food service. Despite this good news for franchisees and investors, the company would not keep him in his leadership position, even though the sexual relationship was between two consenting adults

As large percentage of people who work in the fast-food industry in Florida and beyond have reported experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, and many of these instances have taken place in McDonald's restaurants. From 2015 to 2018, the company has dealt with 50 complaints. It has also dealt with accusations that the company is not doing enough to deal with this issue.

Company policy states that a McDonald's employee in a leadership position cannot have a sexual relationship, consensual or otherwise, with a subordinate. The CEO's actions were grounds for termination, and the company cannot claim to be combating sexual harassment if it kept him on board. This story illustrates how a big company should deal with claims of sexual impropriety and harassment at every level of operations. 

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