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Steps To Take If Experiencing Sexual Harassment In The Workplace


When a Florida employee steps into the workplace, that individual has the right to be able to work and meet the requirements of the job without fear of experiencing an inappropriate situation. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Sexual harassment still happens in various types of workplaces, and many employees are unsure of what to do next.

There are state and federal laws that protect an employee's right to speak up and fight back if experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace. This includes filing a lawsuit against the employer and other parties believed responsible. If a worker does experience harassment it's helpful to keep a log of what happened, when it took place and as many details as possible about the incident.

An employee can also report the harassment to the appropriate authorities. This may be a direct supervisor, human resources representative or someone else within the company. It is also beneficial to ask for help from a person in authority, especially if the victim feels unsafe or is not able to continue working in his or her job in the current circumstances.

It may be beneficial for a Florida employee to ask for legal assistance as well. A victim has every right to secure legal assistance and guidance as he or she seeks to hold the appropriate parties accountable and put an end to the sexual harassment once and for all. It can be intimidating to speak up, but a person does not have to suffer alone or in silence through this unacceptable experience.

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