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Protection Against Workplace Discrimination for LGBT Workers?


It is illegal for employers to discriminate or harass workers on the basis of certain factors, such as gender, ethnic origin or religious beliefs. These protections do not extend to LGBT employees, some of whom may still face the threat of losing their jobs as a result of their sexual orientation or preference. However, this could change soon in Florida as many people are speaking out about the need to protect these individuals from workplace discrimination.

Lawmakers have tried to pass laws that prohibit discrimination against LGBT workers, but these attempts in the past have not been successful. However, there are more lawmakers from both sides of the aisle that think things could be different next time this issue comes up for a vote. In addition to both Republican and Democrat support for these protections, major employers in the state, including Disney, have endorsed the potential move.

According to polls, around 70% of people who live in Florida say that they support including LGBT individuals in the group of protected workers. If a law passes to this effect, it would mean that employers could not fire, refuse to hire or discriminate in any way against an employee on the basis of his or her sexual orientation. Some cities already have these protections, but there is a movement for a state wide law.

Workplace discrimination is illegal, and workers subject to it have the right to speak out. If new laws pass that protect LGBT workers, it would mean they would have grounds to take legal action if they experience discrimination at any point of the employment process. If a worker does believe he or she is a victim, it may be helpful to reach out for an assessment of the individual case as soon as possible.

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