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Obama's proposed changes to wage and hour law

President Obama recently proposed changes to federal regulations that could bring positive changes for many American workers. The proposed changes to wage and hour law would mean that 4.7 million workers would be eligible for overtime. Salaried, white-collar workers have seen their pay levels decrease, even though many are working longer hours. 

Under current federal regulations, only certain salaried employees are eligible for overtime, less than 8 percent of workers. If the proposed changes are implemented, more managers and supervisors would be eligible to be paid for the hours many of them are already working. While this seems like a positive change, it could cause confusion on a state level as Florida wage and hour laws may be different from any new federal regulations. 

As an employee, it can be difficult to understand the eligibility requirements for overtime pay. Employers should never take advantage of employees, but in some cases, it is necessary to take legal action in order to obtain the extra pay that is deserved. Obtaining earned compensation for hours worked can be particularly difficult if an individual has been misclassified by the employer, making that person ineligible for overtime pay. 

Workers who have been mistreated or denied deserved pay would be wise to protect their rights by seeking the opinion of an attorney experienced in workers' rights and wage and hour law. It is possible to hold Florida employers accountable for their actions, and workers do have the right to file a civil claim. To better understand available options, it is beneficial to begin with a complete case evaluation.

Source:, "Obama aims to expand overtime pay to more salaried workers", Chris Kirkham, June 30, 2015

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