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700+ paramedics are awarded a total of $3.7M for unpaid wages

There are several different ways in which employees can be paid incorrectly. In most instances, the Florida employees are shorted overtime or not given the appropriate minimum hourly wage. Sometimes it is also the overtime hourly rate calculation that can cause pay checks to be incorrect and potentially lead to unpaid wages claims.

A group of paramedics in another state filed four different class-action lawsuits in an attempt to collect the money that felt they were shorted. More than 700 paramedics participated in the lawsuits from 2006 to 2012. Most of the plaintiffs worked around 48 hours per week. When they worked longer than 40 hours, they were to be paid an hourly rate that was one-and-a half times their base rate. The plaintiffs claim that they were being paid overtime but not at the correct rate.

According to the complaint, when the pay rate was configured, there were incorrect deductions removed from the base rate. The plaintiffs alleged their stipends for passing their yearly fitness test and being on call were deducted as well as other items. Additionally, the city failed to include pay for plaintiffs who had additional training.

A district judge concluded that the deductions should not have been taken from the plaintiffs' base pay. The workers were awarded a total judgment of $3.7 million for their unpaid wages. To prevent this error from happening in the future, the city changed the overtime pay calculations. Similarly situation Florida workers can first turn to their supervisors to get the pay errors corrected. If an agreeable resolution is not found, the employees have the legal right to file claims.

Source:, "$3.7M paid to Chicago medics in overtime lawsuit", Hal Dardick, July 6, 2015

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