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Ex-Google worker exposes her alleged sexual harassment on Twitter

Google is once again in the headlines but not for new technological developments. Fans of Google in Florida and elsewhere may be very surprised to hear the story of one of its former female employees. She is claiming that she was the victim of sexual harassment and that nothing was ever done to help her.

The woman was an engineer at Google who worked on the Google+ platform for four years. She asserts that she was sexually harassed by one of her co-workers on several occasions. On her Twitter feed, she tweeted about some of the alleged improper behavior and included some of the comments made to her. She described an event in which the engineering director made a comment that she found offensive. She reacted to the comment by pouring a drink on him.

The incident was later allegedly brought to human resources' attention. She claims that instead of handling the situation and focusing on the harassment, the conversation was shifted to the humiliation to which she subjected the man by soaking him with her drink. The man also reportedly made other offensive sexual comments to her about which nothing was done.

She asserts that the ability to move forward in her career was derailed because a promotion would have meant that she would have been required to directly report to the man who was allegedly harassing her. Furthermore, even after the sexual harassment complaints, the man accused of harassing her was later promoted. Because she could no longer bear the hostile work environment, she left the company and is now working for another firm. Aggrieved Florida workers who feel that they are the victims of sexual harassment should report the incidents according to their companies' protocols. Those who do not find solutions or who feel that they are being ignored may choose to move forward against their companies by taking legal actions.

Source:, "Former Google employee claims sexual harassment forced her out", Mark Wilson Sam's, March 9, 2015

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