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Copperfield pays out over $500k to employees for unpaid overtime

To make extra money, many employees choose to work additional hours so that they can earn overtime pay to help support their families. Planning for the overtime pay and then not receiving it can cause a financial hardship for a Florida family. Employees who worked for magician David Copperfield are claiming that is what happened to them.

A group of 15 employees who worked for the performer claim that they were denied overtime pay. The lawsuit also covers other non-exempt current and former employees who did not directly have a hand in the show itself but who were employed from Jan. 1, 2012 through Dec. 31, 2013. According to the complaint, the workers were coerced into stopping their pursuit of the overtime pay that they believed they were owed.

In an effort to avoid a lengthy court battle, Copperfield stated that he wanted to settle so that the employees could enjoy the money. However, the settlement is not an admission that Copperfield or the other defendants committed any wrongdoing. The settlement, if approved, will award the plaintiffs over $500,000, which covers back pay and liquidated damages. If approved, the settlement will result in over $6,000 per plaintiff, which is a substantial amount when compared to many other settlements.

It is best practice for Florida employees to pay close attention to the hours that they work, particularly if those hours should result in overtime pay. If there are discrepancies on their pay checks, they can address the issues with their supervisors in an attempt to correct the errors. In instances in which the money is denied, the employees may choose to pursue legal actions to collect the money to which they believe to be entitled.

Source:, "David Copperfield Agrees to $500,000 Settlement in Employee Lawsuit", Tim Kenneally, Feb. 27, 2015

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