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Further action may be needed for Florida sexual harassment claims

Feeling at ease at a place of employment may seem like a difficulty for some Florida workers for various reasons. Some individuals may have anxiety over potentially making a mistake, being fired or other mentalities that may contribute to feeling nervous on the job. However, there are situations in which other employees can make workers feel uncomfortable, especially if those workers are being subjected to sexual harassment.

Female workers in another state are currently pursuing a lawsuit after reportedly being sexually harassed while on the job. Four individuals who work at a Ford manufacturing plant are hoping to end the harassment for themselves and approximately 1,000 other women at the plant. The women stated that co-workers and higher-up employees would touch them and speak to them inappropriately on the job.

It was reported that the women had filed previous complaints, but they were subjected to retaliation after being identified as those who filed the claims. It was also mentioned that the lawsuit is taking place due to other actions, such as complaining to human resources and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, not yielding any positive results. After a violent incident, one of the women ended her employment, but the other three individuals still work at the plant.

Having to contend with sexual harassment and other inappropriate actions at the workplace can make for a very hostile environment. It can seem even more disheartening when complaints go unheeded. Florida workers who feel that they have been victims of such actions may wish to consider their legal options. Though discussing the concerns with supervisors or managers may be a prudent first step, additional action may be needed in some cases.

Source:, "Women Sue Ford Over Sexual Harassment", Jenny Brown, Jan. 29, 2015

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