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Florida worker files wrongful termination claim against company

Being let go from an employment position can be devastating for a person both emotionally and financially. In some cases, the termination of an employee may come about for various and acceptable reasons. However, there are certain situation in which an employee may feel that their firing was unjust. If an party believes that their employment circumstances did not warrant being let go, he or she may consider filing a wrongful termination claim.  

A former employee at an arbitration facility in Florida is currently working toward following through with such a lawsuit. It was reported that the worker was terminated from her position, which she believes was due to her gender, age and anxiety issues. She had reportedly been employed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA, for 25 years before her termination and the subsequent legal filing against the company.  

The defendants in the case, however, are looking to have the situation ruled in their favor. It was reported that FINRA stated that the employee's termination was due to a decrease in claims taken care of by the company as well as due to the employee apparently having complaints leveled against her. The specific nature of the alleged complaints was not disclosed in the report.  

Wrongful termination can severely affect a person's situation, and if the termination was truly unjustified, the former employee could potentially be entitled to compensation. In order to pursue the possibility of potentially gaining reparations, the woman may want to prepare for her legal situation to the best of her ability. Information on the proceedings for wrongful termination cases in Florida may be able to help as her case moves forward.

Source: Reuters, "Wall Street watchdog fires back in ex-official's termination lawsuit", Suzanne Barlyn, Oct. 21, 2014

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