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Florida companies named in sexual harassment lawsuits

Having a safe work environment is typically something that the majority of employees hope to have. Not only does this mean that the risk of workplace accidents is low but that there is little likelihood of facing sexual harassment while on the job. Unfortunately, work environments can quickly begin to feel unsafe if a supervisor or co-worker makes unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances toward another worker.

Two companies in Florida were recently named in lawsuits from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, due to sexual harassment. It was reported that in separate incidents at the two facilities, female workers were touched inappropriately by supervisors. It was also noted that the workers had their jobs threatened if they did not participate in sexual activities with the supervisors.

At this time, the companies named in the suits have had little comment about the situation. Representation for one company stated that they had not seen the lawsuit and therefore could not comment on the situation. The other company was presumably unable to be reached for comment as it was reported that many of the numbers listed for the company were no longer working.

Sexual harassment should not be an issue that an individual has to deal with, especially while at work. Unfortunately, hostile work environments do exist, and workers can begin to feel unsafe due to unwanted advances. However, individuals who file complaints about such actions may be able to have the situation rectified by their superiors, and if not, the EEOC may be able to step in. Information on how to file complaints about sexual harassment in Florida may help concerned individuals.

Source: CBS Miami, "Feds File Harassment Cases Against Two Florida Firms", , Aug. 31, 2014

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