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Florida worker files claim against Apple for discrimination

Performing well at the designated duties of an occupation can be a great source of pride for many workers. They may wish to show employers and supervisors that they are responsible and dedicated to bettering the business in which they work. In many cases, employees are rewarded for good work with promotions or other incentives. However, there are situations in which employees may feel that they were overlooked for a promotion or other award due to discrimination.

A worker in an Apple store in Florida recently expressed such concerns. He stated that he was an employee at a Florida-based store before being transferred to a store in another country. He continued to perform his duties and improved sales and use of a store program. However, after requesting to be transferred back to his old store in hopes of gaining a promotion, he was apparently denied a position.

Reports indicate that the worker had previously been informed that African-American employees do not gain managerial positions. As a result, the worker filed a complaint and requested a meeting with the CEO of Apple. However, he was not granted a meeting with the CEO, and though he had a meeting with other officials, the meeting did not garner any results.

Due to the lack of action of the part of company officials, the man filed a claim against the company for discrimination in Florida. It is unfortunate that situations arise in which qualified individuals are not promoted potentially due to discriminatory actions. However, if an individual feels that filing a claim is necessary and if case against a company is successful, a worker could potentially gain compensation.

Source: Atlanta Black Star, "Employee Files Racism Lawsuit Against Apple", , May 30, 2014

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