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Discrimination case reopened after potential bias

When it comes to Florida court cases, many factors can go into ensuring that an individual receives a fair trial without bias. In some instances, a case may even be reopened if new information is discovered that could potentially have had a biased effect on the outcome of a case. When such information is associated with a workplace discrimination case, it is important that the case is re-evaluated.

A similar situation is taking place in a neighboring state. The situation began when an African-American female worker filed a claim that she was discriminated against while on the job. She alleged that she was terminated from her position while white workers were not fired for similar conduct. The initial case ruled against the former employee.

In recent events, it was discovered that the judge who made the ruling owned stock in the company for which the employee worked. Because this could appear to be a potential bias, the case has been reopened. A new panel of judges will be selected to hear the reopened case and make a decision regarding the discrimination claim.

The feeling that discrimination was the driving factor behind being terminated from a position can be a harrowing one. In many such situations, a person may feel that the circumstances should be more closely examined and righted if necessary. As this case shows, even if an initial decision regarding a case is made, the situation could still garner further assessment. If individuals in Florida feel that they may have been the victim of discrimination in the workplace, they may wish to file a claim in order to seek compensation for damages.

Source:, "Huntsville job discrimination lawsuit reopened after probe finds judge owned stock in company", Brian Lawson, May 12, 2014

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