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NFL rule changes could lower chances of harassment in Florida

When many Florida residents think of sports teams, the idea of camaraderie may be one that comes to mind. Players can often be seen encouraging one another and celebrating victories and other successes. However, not everyone on a team may feel as included as others and could potentially even face harassment from their teammates that could lead to a hostile work environment.

Because there have some issues concerning the treatment of some NFL players by teammates, the workplace rules of the organization have come under scrutiny. Programs for "Respect in the Workplace" are currently being discussed at the off-season meetings that NFL officials must attend. These programs are apparently looking to improve the workplace environment for players and other employees of the organization.

These programs could lead to employees going through leadership training and other initiatives in order to hopefully avoid difficult workplace situations. Other initiatives could include banning hazing and other activities that could lead to harassment or players feeling uncomfortable while on the job. Many teams could see changes in how certain conduct is tolerated, and new rules could be implemented in order for the locker room, field and other areas to be treated in a more professional manner.

Being subjected to harassment while on the job -- no matter what the job -- can lead to an employee feeling unsafe. If a worker feels that their work environment is hostile, they may wish to take action in order to see changes come about for a more comfortable work space. Information on Florida state laws concerning workplace harassment and other issues could help concerned parties learn how to proceed.

Source:, Bell: NFL owners must work on workplace rules, Jarrett Bell, March 23, 2014

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