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Low-wage workers in Florida may face sexual harassment

Many Florida residents can feel extremely grateful for being employed, even if that position is in a low-wage job. Unfortunately, individuals who work in low-paying positions may be subjected to more difficult work environments as opposed to those who may be in a higher paying position or more prestigious company. Sexual harassment is apparently continuing to be extremely prevalent in the workplace and even more so in low-wage jobs.

According to recent reports, approximately one out of every 10 restaurant workers claims that they had been sexually harassed at some point during their employment. Claims from those who work in the restaurant industry, which typically has many low-wage positions, make up more filings than any other employment industry. It was reported that 16 percent of restaurant harassment claims came from McDonald's workers alone.

Farm workers are also vulnerable to such harassment during work hours. They often face difficult circumstances, such as being threatened with termination or other actions if they speak up. As a result, many workers continue to work in these hostile environments because they need their income and fear being fired.

Having to face sexual harassment, and also fear termination, if a complaint is filed is almost too much to comprehend. No worker should be forced to endure such negative circumstances, but in many cases, further action is needed in order to rectify the situation. Therefore, if workers in Florida feel that they are facing harassment or other negative behaviors in the workplace, they may wish to look into state employment laws to determine whether they may like to take action and potentially change their circumstances.

Source:, Sexual harassment still 'normal' in low-wage jobs, Jane Slaughter, March 7, 2014

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