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Employee rights of Florida worker may have been violated

When an employee suspects unfair treatment in the workplace, they may be uncertain as to how to handle the situation. They could potentially keep quiet about the behaviors and allow it to continue, or they may wish to voice their concerns in hopes that the situation in remedied. If negative claims are made, however, a worker could have their employee rights violated and be retaliated against.

A worker in Florida is filing a claim against the restaurant at which he was formerly employed due to unfair treatment. The worker states that he was harassed after voicing his opinion that the policy of firing women once they were six months pregnant was unfair. His legal representation also states that the former employee was retaliated against and forced to resign from his management position at the restaurant.

Owners of the establishment could not be reached for comment on the situation. However, the policy regarding pregnant workers states that the physical demands of the positions at the restaurant did not allow for women six months pregnant to be employed due to liability issues. The former employee is currently looking to receive compensation for the pay he lost, interest and other damages that have reportedly resulted from the incident.

Filing complaints about unfair policies and practices at places of employment can be difficult for some workers to carry out due to fear of infringement on their employee rights. As this case shows, Florida workers could be susceptible to retaliation and harassment for filing complaints. However, this treatment should not be tolerated, and individuals may wish to seek legal action for the unfair practices. Relevant employment laws may shed light on information that could help concerned individuals through their decision-making process.

Source:, Ex-manager sues Flagler Beach restaurant over pregnancy policy, Andrew Gant, Feb. 1, 2014

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