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Wage ordinances in Florida could help enforce employee rights

As the new year gets rolling, new policies and laws are being implemented across the country. Some of these changes that Florida residents may wish to pay particularly close attention to are employment law changes. New policies in this area could help further protect employee rights and ensure that workers are not being mistreated or swindled, especially in areas concerning wages.

A new ordinance in Alachua County focuses on wage theft and the process that employees need to go through if they believe they have been a victim of such a violation. The regulation would require workers to file their complaint with the county in order to go through mediation. However, mediation may not always bring about an answer to the situation and a hearing may be necessary. If the ruling is against the employer, they could potentially be required to reimburse the employee double what they owe.

Unfortunately, there are situations in which employers may not follow through with paying their employees even after the ruling. In these cases, workers may need to take further legal action against their superiors. However, representatives for the county believe that the majority of cases will be settled fairly quickly.

New regulations such as this one could vastly improve the enforcement of employee rights. As wage theft is an unfortunate situation that occurs -- though it should not -- it is important for those who may be affected by such actions to stay updated on procedural changes on how to handle their situation. If further action is needed, information on Florida state employment laws could help them obtain knowledge on how to proceed.

Source: The Gainesville Sun, Wage-theft, human rights ordinances take effect today, Cindy Swirko, Dec. 31, 2013

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