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Walmart under scrutiny for violating employee rights in Florida

Facing retaliation for actions that employees take part in can sometimes be a fear of some workers, especially if those actions shed light on negative aspects of a company. Workers are often protected from facing punishment in retaliation for taking part in activities that are well within their employee rights. However, some companies and employers may violate those rights in an attempt to keep negative information from being spread or in an attempt to keep workers from taking part in certain activities.

Walmart locations in several states, including Florida, have recently come under the scrutiny of the National Labor Relations Board, or NLRB. Reports have indicated that the NLRB is looking to protect workers who have allegedly had their rights violated after participating in protests in hopes of gaining better wages and working conditions. Workers have reportedly been threatened, punished and in some cases terminated from their positions for their participation in protests, and the NLRB has found these complaints to have weight.

The company was also accused of putting employees under observations if they believed a protest was possibly being discussed. The company disagrees with the NLRB that the employee complaints are supported, and representatives for Walmart have indicated that they will likely defend themselves against the allegations if the case is not settled. Walmart could potentially face penalties if they are found to have violated employee rights.

Employee rights are very important to workers as they help to protect them from unfair practices. As this situation shows, however, instances can arise in which those rights could possibly have been violated. If a Florida resident feels that their employee rights have been infringed upon, they may wish to gather information on state laws relating to their situation to determine viable courses of action that could benefit their situation.

Source: International Business Times, Federal Labor Board Says Wal-Mart Illegally Disciplined Workers Over Protests, Strikes, Amrutha Gayathri, Nov. 19, 2013

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