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Pending Florida laws prohibit discrimination against unemployed

Being unemployed is often a stressful situation to be in. Many people may feel discouraged after applying to jobs only to find that they do not meet certain qualifications or requirements. Currently, numerous companies require current employment before an applicant could be considered for a position, and several states are seeing such requirements as discrimination against the unemployed.

Laws are currently pending in Florida and several other states that would make it illegal to discriminate against job applicants based on current employment status. Many people searching for jobs are doing so because they were hit hard during difficult economic times and may have lost their previous employment position. If a company holds a standard that current employment is required to be considered for a position, this could be considered a discriminatory practice.

If these practices continue to be overlooked, those who are currently unemployed may have little chance of regaining employment. Many companies, however, feel that laws prohibiting such qualifications would go against employer rights. Nonetheless, the goal of passing anti-discrimination laws concerning current employment would be to help those who have been unemployed gain access to the job market.

Should Florida pass the laws concerning unemployment discrimination, many state residents could find themselves with more employment options and a better outlook on their current situation. Staying updated on the state employment laws could prove beneficial to those concerned with the matter. Similarly, if a person feels they were unjustly discriminated against while being considered for employment for other reasons, they may also wish to gather information on relevant laws to determine their course of action.

Source:, Laws seek to protect unemployed from discrimination, Tim Landis, Oct. 23, 2013

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