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EEOC backs discrimination suit filed against mattress retailer

Having a job is something that many Florida residents pride themselves on. No matter what a person's age, employment can make a considerable difference in his or her life. Unfortunately, many older workers have been victims of age discrimination as companies prefer to have younger employees on their staff. However, whether companies prefer younger staff members is a moot point as age discrimination is not a legal act.

A mattress retail company is currently facing a federal lawsuit after it was accused off pushing older workers out of their positions. The claims are being backed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which agreed that discrimination was suspected to be taking place. The situation is considered a serious matter as the EEOC has the duty of validating discrimination claims.

There were several ways that older workers were treated unfairly in attempts to weed them out of their positions. Many employees were not given the proper training for new systems, but they were still held to a higher work standard than younger employees. They were also not given opportunities for promotion, and it was noted that in less than six months at one particular outlet, the staff changed from having a majority of workers over the age of 40 to 75 percent being younger than 40.

Losing a job can be hard on anyone, and if an older worker loses his or her position due to age discrimination, it can be a devastating setback. Employment laws are set in place to help deter such actions from taking place, but unfortunately, as this case shows, some companies do not always follow set standards. If a worker feels that they have been discriminated against in the workplace, they may find information on Florida employment laws beneficial in determining how to proceed.

Source:, Did a Mattress Company Push Out Older Employees?, Lisa McElroy, Sept. 27, 2013

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