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Florida hotels found in violation of unpaid overtime, other laws

When labor standards are violated, workers can suffer greatly. Whether it is due to harsh work environments or unpaid overtime, employees should not be subjected to conditions that undermine their hard work and well-being. Should workers feel that they are being treated unfairly, legal action may need to be taken in order to ensure that employers are following labor regulations.

A recent investigation into the hotel systems in north Florida found that approximately two-thirds of companies were not correctly paying their employees. According to reports, many workers were subjected to working overtime without receiving extra pay and occasionally did not even receive minimum wage. A director for the Department of Labor stated that the region's non-compliance percentages range from 31 percent to 68 percent.

Such a high percentage of companies committing violations leads to a significant number of workers being treated unfairly. Reports also state that one hotel must pay back almost $18,000 to employees due to wage-and-hour violations. By bringing attention to such situations, the Department of Labor hopes to encourage companies to stay in compliance with labor laws.

Workers who earn their paychecks deserve to receive their wages and fair compensation for overtime work. Wage and hour violations are very serious matters, and companies should be required to adequately return any wrongfully withheld pay if they are found guilty of wrongdoing. Any Florida employees who feel that they may have been treated unjustly at their place of employment may wish to gather information on laws relevant to their situation to determine whether they may need to take action.

Source:, Investigation Finds North Florida Hotels Violated Federal Labor Laws, Patrick Donges, Sept. 9, 2013

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