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Fast food workers fight for employee rights across the country

Labor standards and minimum wages are put in place to help better ensure that employees are being compensated adequately for their service. In many areas, however, the minimum wage may not be enough for a family to survive on. If employee rights and labor standards are being violated on top of only making minimum wage, a worker could find him- or herself in a difficult situation. They may not be able to leave their position even if they are not being treated fairly because they need the income, but when the situation escalates, action may need to be taken.

Fast food workers all across the country, including some in Florida, have been victims of labor standard violations. The situation has become so serious that employees have taken to picketing outside of the fast food chains where they work in hopes of gaining better wages and fairer treatment. The protests have reportedly been backed by unions and have gained momentum all across the country. Workers claim that they are unable to afford some of the items from the menu at the restaurants where they work and that should signal a need for a raise in pay.

Many employees also cite mistreatment from their superiors, including disrespect and expecting employees to work overtime and not be paid for it. One employee also states that she was the victim of sexual harassment but nothing was done about the incidents even after she reported them. The fight for better wages and treatment can be a difficult one but with the proper action, these employees could begin to see improvement.

Fast food workers deserve the same respect and are entitled to the same employee rights as any other employee. They work hard to earn their wages and perform their duties correctly, and mistreatment should not be tolerated. As these workers demonstrate, when a situation does not improve after speaking with superiors, other forms of action may need to be taken. Workers in Florida who feel that their rights have been infringed upon or that labor standards are being violated may find looking into employment laws beneficial.

Source:, "Fast Food Workers Rally Outside Restaurants To Demand Living Wage: Gothamist," Alice Severs, July 30, 2013

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