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Apple employees in Florida could be due overtime pay

Many companies have policies that employees must follow when checking into work and when leaving. Though they certainly have reasons for these procedures, many employees could find them cumbersome, especially if they take a considerable amount of time. If the processes are conducted while employees are off the clock, employees may have cause to request compensation for their time. If they are not compensated, a legal situation for unpaid wages and overtime could ensue.

Apple is a corporation name known by many people all across the world. The majority of people in Florida have undoubtedly come across some of the company's products in their lifetime, and a considerable number of people are probably satisfied with purchases made from Apple. However, not all of Apple's employees are satisfied with the company. Two former workers have filed a class action lawsuit against the electronics giant for what they claim are unpaid wages stemming from time employees have had to wait in line in order to have their personal bags checked any time they are leaving the store.

According to reports, this process can sometimes take up to 15 minutes, which adds up to a considerable amount of unpaid overtime in the course of a year. The two who have filed the claim are hoping for the case to encompass all Apple retail employees, and if they are successful, the corporation could owe millions of dollars in due wages. Representatives for Apple have not commented on the pending case.

Though bag checks and other security measures may seem like they do not take much time in the moment, several minutes over an extended period of time can add up significantly. If employees are not being paid during that time, they could be missing out on overtime wages that could supply much needed additional income. Employees in Florida who feel that they may be victims of wage-and-hour violations may find looking into employment laws and relevant proceedings beneficial.

Source: Source:, "Apple sued by U.S. workers for unpaid wages," Mike Murphy, July 30, 2013

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