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Florida workers, others fight for employee rights

When workers feel that they are being treated unlawfully, they occasionally feel the need to band together in a strike in order to fight for better and fairer treatment. Worker's often join unions in order to help maintain better work environments. Unions allow them to feel that they have a sense of security should unfair treatment befall them in the workplace. However, some employers feel threatened by workers who are part of unions, and union workers sometimes feel that they are being singled-out and their employee rights violated.

A Florida employee of a large chain supercenter recently traveled to a different state in order to protest the unfair treatment of workers in this chain all across the country. She was known among her employers as someone who was an outspoken protester, and she claims she was specifically targeted for her reputation. She states that she was penalized for wearing earrings, which was a newly implemented rule, and that another employee who made the same violation was overlooked. She was recently fired for another alleged violation, but she feels she was terminated in order to be kept silent.

Other workers who have been participating in the strike feel as if the chain is retaliating against those choosing to protest. Representatives of the chain claim that the termination of those who participated in the strike is due to their not following the attendance policy and is not directly related to their protesting. Workers continue to protest so those who are members of unions will not have to fear being treated unfairly by their employers who may fear they will be cited should union workers report unfair treatment.

Hardworking individuals should not be subject to unfair treatment at their place of employment. All workers have employee rights that must be upheld, and any employer found in violation of these rights could be facing legal action. Any employee who feels as if they may have been the recipient of unfair workplace treatment may find information on Florida employment laws beneficial. As these protestors demonstrate, sometimes action must be taken in order to implement change.

Source: The Nation, "Walmart Fires Eleven Strikers in Alleged Retaliation," Josh Eidelson, June 22. 2013

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