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Wage claims allow Florida prison workers thousands of dollars

Working a job is how the majority of people provide for their families and for themselves. Some people are fortunate in finding a job they truly enjoy, but even the most enjoyable job can become tainted when employers are not paying workers their rightfully earned wages. Sometimes filing wage claims is necessary when there is a discrepancy in time worked and the amount of pay received.

Over 700 Florida prison workers at Union Correctional are pleased to find out they will be compensated for wages earned while on duty that were not received. Workers complained of having to go through extensive entrance procedures before taking their posts and were not paid for the time going through metal detectors and other such requirements, which could take almost half an hour. The facility was found to have been in violation of not paying at least the minimum wage for all hours worked as well as not paying workers for overtime.

The prison facility must compensate over $600,000 either in back pay or additional time off. Current employees will receive time off and former employees could be getting checks for almost $3,000. Because the prison system is in a significant amount of debt and do not have the resources in their budget at this time, the workers will not be receiving their compensation until the beginning of the next fiscal year, July 1.

Occasionally challenges must be made against the way a facility handles its employees. Workers who feel they are not being adequately compensated for their work may find filing wage claims beneficial. These Florida prison workers are now receiving their rightful pay and time off because they took action to bring attention to their situation. Looking into Florida employment laws could be helpful to employees who believe their rights may be being infringed upon.

Source:, "Florida prison system owes $600,000 in back pay or time off to 710 employees," Steve Bousquet, June 12, 2013

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