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Florida residents take part in gender discrimination survey

Attitudes toward equality have progressed significantly over the last few decades. For example, people's views on gay rights and toward immigration have changed drastically since a poll was taken in 1997. However, how women view their treatment in the workplace has changed a shockingly small amount, indicating they still face gender discrimination in the workplace. Participants in the survey were from all over the United States, including Florida.

One woman, for example, stated that an idea suggested by a woman was more likely to be brushed aside whereas the same idea from a man would be rewarded and praised. The vast majority of women allege they are paid less for the same work that is completed by a man. However, many men in the workplace report that they haven't witnessed discrimination based on someone's gender, and women are generally treated fairly.

Government data, however, seems to support women's claims. Recent data shows that full time working women make only 79 percent of what men make. Additionally, the median wages for women in all jobs were lower than those of men. Additionally, the poll indicated that more women feel like they can find a balance between their jobs and their homes lives without making sacrifices to do so.

While there was progress in gaining equal wages for women in the 1980s and 1990s, things have stalled since 2000. In fact, the number of women who reported gender discrimination has increased since a 2000 survey. All of these respondents, those from Florida and other areas of the country that have reported discrimination have the option of pursuing these claims in court. While it is clear that progress has been made in the area of gender equality, it is important that the movement doesn't stagnate. This can be assured by sending a message to employers that any form of discrimination will be challenged.

Source: Boise Weekly, "Wall Street Journal: Most Women Still See Bias in the Workplace," Samantha Stainburn, April 12, 2013

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