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CVS infringing on employee rights in Florida?

Employee rights is a touchy subject, no matter how it's broached. For some employees, healthcare costs have manifested themselves into a new breed of employee rights violations. Some Florida employees, especially those employed by CVS pharmacy, may find it interesting to learn that a new policy, requiring employees to be weighed in, will soon come into full effect.

As it stands, CVS pharmacy employees who utilize company health insurance have until May 2014 to visit their physicians to have a weight screening. Employees will also be facing glucose tests and will have their body fat measured. Failure to do so will mean a $50 month increase in health-care premiums, which translates to $600 per year.

One man, a former Broward County employee now living in North Carolina was penalized with a surcharge of $20 per paycheck for refusal to undergo health screenings. He questioned the new policy, terming it an infringement upon the privacy of employees." A statement from CVS said that the information collected from employees would be reviewed by third-party and used only in an effort to improve employee health and manage health related costs. While many employees disagree with the practice, and believe it's a violation of employee rights, a survey of 500 companies revealed that 20 percent utilize monetary penalties in order to motivate healthy behavior.

No matter what your opinion of decisions like this, the maintenance of employee rights is an important component of economic health, both in Florida and elsewhere. If you or someone you know has become aware of an employee rights violation of any kind, there is help available. Employees involved in uncomfortable situations should not be intimidated by employment status. Legal advocacy may help to ensure a positive outcome to these kinds of conflicts.

Source:, "New CVS Employee Health Policy Stoking Weighty Debate," Gilma Avalos, March 21, 2013

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