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Woman sues employer for egregious sexual harassment

Earlier this week, we wrote that Broward County employees were recently angered to learn about one man's suspicious promotion to transit superintendent. The promotion came less than a year after the man was nearly fired for sexual harassment.

He and three other male employees routinely exchanged emails containing sexual jokes and images. Behavior like this has no place in the office, and especially not a government one. However, this behavior seems relatively tame compared to another recent case of sexual harassment.

A woman in Utah has sued her former employer for wrongful termination and sexual harassment. She has provided the court with a mountain of evidence to show a pattern of overt and egregious sexual harassment by her boss.

The woman began working as an office manager for an Electric Company in 2007. From the very beginning, she claims her boss was brazen in his acts of sexual harassment directed at her. She says he routinely talked about her breasts in front of other employees, sometimes requesting to see them.

He also allegedly asked women in the office for oral sex, and on two occasions he slapped the office manager on the buttocks. She says that he knew she was a single mother of three, which meant that quitting her job was not a viable option.

Therefore, according to court documents, he once told the woman she would be fired if she didn't sign a document giving him permission to sexually harass her.

This is just part of a much longer list of complaints the woman filed about her boss. In February of 2011, he retaliated by firing her. She is suing for sexual harassment, wrongful termination, emotional distress and battery.

It is unfortunate that such reprehensible behavior was allowed to happen at all, and even worse that it lasted for so many years. Some feel that the court complaint understates the severity of the situation when it says: "[employer's] outrageous conduct described in this complaint offends generally accepted standards of decency and morality in this community."

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune, "Woman claims employer subjected her to 'Mini-skirt Monday,'" Melinda Rogers, Aug. 5, 2011

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