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December 2013 Archives

Florida wage claims could be possible in citrus harvesting

Being properly compensated for hours worked at a place of employment should not have to be a worry of employees. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which workers have filed wage claims due to not having been paid the proper amount for the services they have rendered. There may be many variables that contribute to employees being underpaid, but it is up to employers to ensure that workers receive payment to which they are entitled.

Former Florida worker allegedly faced discrimination, termination

Being let go from a position of employment can be a difficult situation to face. If that situation appears to have come up unjustly due to discrimination or other tactics, a former employee may wish to take a closer look at their circumstances. In some situations, legal action may need to be taken in order for former employees to receive compensation for an unfair termination, and potentially lead to a better workplace for other employees.

Florida supervisors should handle sexual harassment accordingly

Running a Florida business can be difficult as there are many aspects that supervisors must take into consideration. The environment that is created in the workplace is one aspect that needs attention. If workers feel uncomfortable at their place of employment due to sexual harassment or other negative behaviors, the situation can be quite detrimental. Therefore, employers and supervisors need to be aware of how to handle complaints and deter negative actions.

Pregnant Florida women may be able to negate discrimination

Looking for employment can be a difficult take for any Florida individual as job openings may not be as abundant as they may hope. Even when they do find establishments that are hiring, there is the risk that some individuals may face discrimination as they attempt to apply for a position. Pregnant women can unfortunately face discrimination as they look for employment, and a research study has attempted to find a way to help lessen the probability for pregnant women to be discriminated against.

Employment contract for Florida workers causes union concerns

Unions are often joined by employees in order to have some sort of backing that will help them maintain an agreeable work environment. Companies will often create an employment contract with their employees, and if those contracts are breached or modified in a way that could negatively impact employees, a union may step in to negotiate terms. If negotiations do not occur in an agreeable fashion, legal action could take place.

Florida, other Walmart employees continue to fight discrimination

Facing unfair circumstances is a situation that many employees find themselves in on a daily basis. They could be the subject of discrimination due to their race, gender or other variables, and as a result, not have the ability to live up to their full potential as employees or not be compensated properly for their work. In some cases, legal action may be the desired course to settle the issue, and that route may not always be easy.

Florida workers have options for dealing with sexual harassment

Facing sexual harassment in the workplace is an event that many Florida women -- and men -- unfortunately find themselves confronted with. Knowing how to deal with co-workers and superiors who cross the line between being friendly and committing sexual harassment can be difficult to determine. Some workers may fear that they will be shamed though they are the victim or that they could possibly lose their job or face other retaliation for reporting incidents of harassment.

Nurse contractor at Florida jail sues for sexual harassment

A nurse who was contracted to treat inmates in a Florida jail is now suing Sarasota County and several deputies, claiming that they created a hostile work environment when they distributed sexually explicit drawings of her around the correctional facility. She alleges that the sexual harassment began in the autumn of 2012 and continued until she terminated her position with Armor Correctional Health Services on Jan. 17. The plaintiff claims that she was embarrassed enough by the sexual harassment she experienced that she had to consider leaving her job.

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