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Florida workers have options for dealing with sexual harassment


Facing sexual harassment in the workplace is an event that many Florida women -- and men -- unfortunately find themselves confronted with. Knowing how to deal with co-workers and superiors who cross the line between being friendly and committing sexual harassment can be difficult to determine. Some workers may fear that they will be shamed though they are the victim or that they could possibly lose their job or face other retaliation for reporting incidents of harassment.

It is true that reporting such events can have a serious impact on a work environment. In some cases, certain co-workers may begin to feel that they should have less interaction with other workers due to fear of being accused of sexual harassment themselves. In other cases, victims may feel as if they need to keep quiet because they do not know how such a claim would be handled.

It is important to remember, however, that while the outcomes of reported harassment may not always be certain, inaction could possibly only allow to situations to continue. Making it immediately known when a co-worker or supervisor crosses a line or makes another employee uncomfortable could be enough to prevent further actions. However, there are instances in which private warnings are not enough and filing a complaint about the situation with superiors may be necessary.

If Florida workers face sexual harassment and complaints go unheeded or they are retaliated against, they may wish to take legal action. Employees should not feel fear about reporting a hostile work environment, but there are unfortunate situations where such events are not handled as they should be. Understanding legal options through information on state employment laws dealing with sexual harassment could benefit an individual looking to help themselves and others have a safer workplace.

Source:, How sexual harassment changed the way I work, Kathleen Raven, Dec. 4, 2013

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