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Florida supervisors should handle sexual harassment accordingly


Running a Florida business can be difficult as there are many aspects that supervisors must take into consideration. The environment that is created in the workplace is one aspect that needs attention. If workers feel uncomfortable at their place of employment due to sexual harassment or other negative behaviors, the situation can be quite detrimental. Therefore, employers and supervisors need to be aware of how to handle complaints and deter negative actions.

Supervisors can possibly reduce the risk of sexual harassment by being knowledgeable about what constitutes as harassment and by informing employees. Unwelcome physical contact is a main and obvious indicator of potential sexual harassment and should be dealt with accordingly. Other forms of harassment can include offensive remarks in speech or writing.

It is also important to take the claims of those who believe they were harassed seriously. Employers should not retaliate against employees who make complaints, and they should also not refrain from taking action to rectify the situation. Retaliation against employees who file complaints is illegal, and ignoring a situation could lead to a hostile work environment and a larger issue.

Florida workers should not have to feel uncomfortable in their workplace, and supervisors should make sure that workers are not facing sexual harassment. If a supervisor or employee feels that such situations exist and are not being handled correctly, state employment laws regarding the circumstances could provide information on what legal actions may need to be taken. If an employee feels that they have been retaliated against for filing a claim, such information could also possibly help them decide how to move forward.

Source: Business Management Daily, Sexual Harassment: What Managers Need to Know, No author, Dec. 6, 2013

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