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Former Florida worker allegedly faced discrimination, termination


Being let go from a position of employment can be a difficult situation to face. If that situation appears to have come up unjustly due to discrimination or other tactics, a former employee may wish to take a closer look at their circumstances. In some situations, legal action may need to be taken in order for former employees to receive compensation for an unfair termination, and potentially lead to a better workplace for other employees.

A former Florida employee of the Broward Sheriff's Office has filed a suit against his former employer as he feels he was wrongfully terminated from his position. The former worker claims that after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he faced ridicule and discrimination at the workplace. He claims that he was even referred to as "crazy" and many references were made to acts of violence that co-workers believed he was possibly going to commit.

Workers in the office at which he worked claim that the former worker made unsettling comments about the Aurora movie theater shooting, and several workers apparently felt uncomfortable in his presence. He was terminated after he allegedly threatened the life of one of the police officers. However, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission gave the man the right to take legal action against the sheriff's office for the discrimination and harassment he reportedly faced.

Facing discrimination for an illness or other disability should not be a worry of an employee. Unfortunately, as this situation shows, such instances can arise in the workplace and negative results can take place. The man involved in this situation may wish to learn more about Florida laws dealing with discrimination in the workplace and wrongful termination, which could potentially help him more fully plan out his case.

Source: Sun Sentinel, Fired employee sues Broward Sheriff's Office, Brittany Wallman, Dec. 21, 2013

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