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Withholding wages: Florida employers could face serious penalties


Earning wages and generating an income for their family is the main reason that many Florida employees report to work. It is an unfortunate reality, however, that some workers do not always receive the pay they earn due to employers withholding wages. Not being properly compensated for hours worked can be considered a violation of labor laws, and employees may need to take action to ensure that such violations do not continue.

Big cities are already showing a great concern for employees who are facing such situations. Lawmakers are creating new regulations in some areas that would take harsher punishments against employers who commit wage theft by not properly compensating their workers. New laws in another state have recently come into play, and those laws give employees more ways to report such theft and prohibit employers who are found guilty of such violations from continuing to do business in the area.

These changes could have a significantly positive impact for employees, and other cities across the country may wish to follow suit in order to better protect workers. Cities like Miami have had such laws for a few years. State-wide laws in Florida were hoped for, but they unfortunately did not pass Senate approval.

Facing an issue such as having an employer who is withholding wages can cause setbacks for many employees. Wage theft is a very serious violation, and if workers feel that they are not being properly compensated for their work, they may wish to explore the Florida laws in their area to determine the actions that they could possibly take. Employees work hard for their income and should not be subjected to improper payment.

Source:, Houston Cracks Down On Employers Who Steal Workers' Wages, Alan Pyke, Nov. 22, 2013

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