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Florida employees should not fear reporting sexual harassment


Being subjected to a hostile work environment can make an employee dread having to go into their place of employment. Sexual harassment is, unfortunately, a common complaint among workers across the country, including those in Florida. A recent study has even indicated that an alarmingly high number of female workers have been subjected to crude comments about their bodies and have left their jobs due to feeling uncomfortable because of such harassing incidents.

It is important to remember, however, that men are also subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace. That same study suggested that of those polled approximately 40 percent of complaints of such harassment were made by male employees. Unfortunately, many of those who experience this negative treatment -- male or female -- often keep the incidents to themselves.

Many of those who do not speak up about their treatment are afraid of the repercussions. They may not wish to damage future career prospects or risk losing their job altogether if they become the subject of retaliation. Similarly, many people choose not to make reports because a considerable number of complaints go unheeded by superiors, and victims are made to feel that they are overreacting.

Dealing with sexual harassment should not be part of an employee's daily activities in the workplace. If a person feels that they have been harassed in such a manner while on the job and superiors have not treated the situation in the correct manner, legal action may be a prudent step in ensuring that the situation is taken seriously. If a Florida employee feels that action may need to be taken due to circumstances in the workplace, information on state laws dealing with such practices could provide reliable knowledge on how to move forward.

Source:, Sexual harassment in the workplace is endemic, Laura Bates, Oct. 23, 2013

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