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Florida woman files lawsuit for employment contract breach


When a potential employee reads over a contract for employment, they typically expect what is outlined in the contract to be upheld. In some cases, however, a breach of an employment contract can take place. If such a disagreement arises, legal action may need to be taken to ensure that the agreed upon terms are upheld or that some sort of compensation is allowed to make up for any losses that an individual may sustain as a part of the contract no longer being considered valid.

A Florida woman has entered into litigation with the company at which she was formerly a sales representative. According to reports of her claims, she believes that her contract with the company was not upheld when she did not receive employment bonuses which she felt she had earned. The bonuses were apparently offered as incentives for an increase in work-related performance. She is currently seeking class-action status to include other temporary workers who may have been affected by such a contract breach.

The company, Eli Lilly and Co., denies that there has been any contract breach. Their statements indicate that in order for a worker to receive the incentive pay, that worker must still be employed at the company on the last day of the work period. They further claim that the former sales representative's employment ended weeks before the end of the period in which the bonuses would have been applied. Representation for the former employee states that this information was not disclosed in her contract.

A breach of an employment contract is a serious issue that can have a number of repercussions. Employees can lose income that they feel they were entitled to under the terms of their contract, and as this case indicates, action may need to be taken in order to ensure that the agreement is upheld. Florida workers who may feel that their contract agreements were violated may wish to find out more information on state laws dealing with such matters to determine whether they could potentially be entitled to compensation due to a breach of contract.

Source:, Former sales rep sues Indy-based Eli Lilly for bonus pay, seeks class-action status, Jeff Swiatek, Nov. 3, 2013

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