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Proposed wage-and-hour law changes could benefit domestic workers


Being a domestic worker, such as a private child care provider or housekeeper, can be an emotionally and physically taxing job in Florida. However, many people possibly do not regard such workers as true professionals, and as a result, wage-and-hour law and other employment laws have left such workers without much protection regarding their income and other areas. Luckily, recent proposals from the Labor Department may have a beneficial impact on these workers.

Working long hours without the proper compensation is a significant issue among domestic workers that changes in labor standards could help reduce. This issue is particularly relevant with workers who live in the homes they help take care of, but it also affects those who commute to different households. If an emergency situation arises, a domestic worker could work several hours over a typical work day but may not be properly compensated for their time.

According to reports, the labor proposals may help better ensure that those who work in domestic settings providing services and care receive minimum wage, overtime pay and adequate break time. These workers have been reportedly exempt from such standards for approximately 75 years. The changes are estimated to take place in 2015.

Being protected under wage-and-hour law is very important for workers as it helps to ensure that they are properly compensated for their services. As many domestic workers have seen, not receiving the benefits of certain labor standards has left them earning less than minimum wage and lacking employment benefits. Florida workers who may be interested in the proposed changes to labor standards may wish to look into state laws to better determine how they may be affected.

Source:, Much more than companions, Rachel Cohen, Oct. 17, 2013

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