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October 2013 Archives

Florida employees should not fear reporting sexual harassment

Being subjected to a hostile work environment can make an employee dread having to go into their place of employment. Sexual harassment is, unfortunately, a common complaint among workers across the country, including those in Florida. A recent study has even indicated that an alarmingly high number of female workers have been subjected to crude comments about their bodies and have left their jobs due to feeling uncomfortable because of such harassing incidents.

Pending Florida laws prohibit discrimination against unemployed

Being unemployed is often a stressful situation to be in. Many people may feel discouraged after applying to jobs only to find that they do not meet certain qualifications or requirements. Currently, numerous companies require current employment before an applicant could be considered for a position, and several states are seeing such requirements as discrimination against the unemployed.

Proposed wage-and-hour law changes could benefit domestic workers

Being a domestic worker, such as a private child care provider or housekeeper, can be an emotionally and physically taxing job in Florida. However, many people possibly do not regard such workers as true professionals, and as a result, wage-and-hour law and other employment laws have left such workers without much protection regarding their income and other areas. Luckily, recent proposals from the Labor Department may have a beneficial impact on these workers.

Suit names restaurant chain in Florida concerning employee rights

For people who enjoy eating at popular chain restaurants, their main concerns are typically how well their food is prepared and how they are treated by the staff. What they may not think about, however, is how the staff is treated by their employers. Restaurant employees must deal with a lot of physical work and interaction with customers, and if their employee rights are possibly being violated, their jobs can become much more difficult.

Unpaid interns in Florida not protected from sexual harassment

Being able to participate in an internship can be a great boost of experience for young people who will soon be looking for permanent employment. Unfortunately, not all of the internship positions offer the participating party any form of income. Unpaid internships have been the subject of debate as of recently, and as more negative information comes to light about such positions, such as how sexual harassment is dealt with, unpaid positions may become a thing of the past.

Ignored discrimination, harassment complaints led to legal action

Many Florida workers know that the type of environment of a workplace and the interactions that go on between co-workers can have a considerable impact on how efficiently a workplace runs. Negative actions such as discrimination and subsequent harassment can create a very unwelcoming environment that could prompt employees to file complaints about the actions of other workers or superiors. Unfortunately, some of those complaints go uninvestigated and employees must either continually deal with inappropriate actions or, in some cases, are terminated from positions for making their claims.

Florida man seeks employment law case after wrongful termination

Losing a job tends to be difficult under any circumstances. Whether it was expected due to downsizing or a sudden turn of events, an individual can feel at a loss as to how to carry on. Furthermore, the situation can be even more distressing if a person feels he or she was terminated unjustly. If former employees feel they wrongfully lost their position, they may wish to pursue a case dealing with employment law in hopes of finding compensation.

Wage claims possible for underpaid Florida airport employees

The amount of income a person generates plays a significant role in how he or she is able to live their life. Many low paying jobs leave employees struggling to pay bills and take care of their families, and some workers may feel the need to take action and submit wage claims in order to attempt to gain better working wages. Workers at an airport in Florida are currently taking action for such purposes.

EEOC backs discrimination suit filed against mattress retailer

Having a job is something that many Florida residents pride themselves on. No matter what a person's age, employment can make a considerable difference in his or her life. Unfortunately, many older workers have been victims of age discrimination as companies prefer to have younger employees on their staff. However, whether companies prefer younger staff members is a moot point as age discrimination is not a legal act.

Florida sexual harassment victims should not feel trapped

When Florida employees must deal with a harsh work environment, their work productivity can be greatly affected in a negative manner. Facing sexual harassment can create the type of negative atmosphere that no worker should have to encounter. Employees who feel they have been the victim of such harassment need to understand that there are options for them that could help put a stop the unwelcome actions and that they should not feel blame for being a victim.

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