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July 2013 Archives

Withheld overtime pay sparks lawsuit for rehab center

The time employees put into their work day is important to them. They could often choose to take days off or call in sick but most arrive to their positions when they should, and many people even work overtime. Some people may feel they need the overtime hours in order to help pay their bills, and they should be commended for their dedication to hard work. Unfortunately, there are many instances where workers are not being properly compensated for overtime hours worked.

Florida among states with high violations for withholding wages

No matter what the job, no worker should be considered more deserving of employee rights than another worker. Certainly, there are workers who earn more pay than others, but no worker should have wages or overtime pay withheld that they rightfully earned by their own hard work. It is an unfortunate reality that labor violations are found in almost every area of employment all across the country. One of the most common violations is withholding wages, and violations like this can cause significant hardships on employees and damage company reputations.

Court ruling could make discrimination claims more difficult

As Florida residents know, employment discrimination is a negative aspect that many people must deal with every day. Feeling qualified for a job and having high hopes for getting the job can cause a person to feel elated, as they may have been searching for employment for quite some time. However, to learn that a person was passed over for a job or even terminated from a position due to some sort of discrimination can have a devastating effect. People often cannot help what they may be being discriminated against for, such as their race, age or gender, and to feel judged for such things can be heartbreaking.

Florida women fight gender discrimination in the workplace

Discrimination in any area of life for any reason can leave those being discriminated against feeling disheartened. When job applicants or workers face employment discrimination, they can feel cheated out of a job opportunity that they may have been otherwise qualified for. When discrimination occurs, action occasionally has to be taken in order to correct or find compensation for such a violation.

Former Florida officer, veteran claims employee rights violation

The nation's military personnel are among the most valuable, though often undervalued, resource the country has for protecting its citizens. Soldiers often risk their lives in order to maintain the freedoms that the country allows for its residents. Unfortunately, returning veterans can often face discrimination when returning to their civilian jobs. Their employee rights are sometimes violated even though there are laws and regulations in place to protect veterans and other military personnel who seek civilian jobs, but employers do not always heed these policies.

Florida workers, others fight for employee rights

When workers feel that they are being treated unlawfully, they occasionally feel the need to band together in a strike in order to fight for better and fairer treatment. Worker's often join unions in order to help maintain better work environments. Unions allow them to feel that they have a sense of security should unfair treatment befall them in the workplace. However, some employers feel threatened by workers who are part of unions, and union workers sometimes feel that they are being singled-out and their employee rights violated.

Employee rights: Florida agency promises too good to be true?

As many people currently looking for work in a struggle economy know, finding employment can be a very difficult endeavor. When those looking for work are from other countries and hope to have a better start in a new one, it can almost seem too good to be true when an employer offers them assistance in gaining a job and work visa. Unfortunately, for some immigrant workers recruited by employers in other countries, promises of good working conditions are untrue and employee rights are infringed upon.

Florida ex-waitress files employee rights violation claim

Many workers look forward to getting their paycheck when payday rolls around. When that check is less than expected, questions can arise as to whether the employer is paying the workers their rightful wages or if their employee rights are being infringed upon. Workers need to stay aware of their hours and wages as employers can occasion make mistakes and wages can be withheld. 

Sexual harassment on the rise in Florida produce fields

Being in the workforce can make Florida women feel independent and empowered. Taking part in working for income that provides for their families can bring a greater sense of closeness and bonding as they work in order to have a better ability to care for loved ones. Unfortunately, this feeling of empowerment and independence can be tainted when another person uses their power or authority to sexually harass someone else in the workplace. Sexual harassment is a widespread issue across many industries, but this problem is growing in abundance in the agricultural industry. 

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