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June 2013 Archives

Wage claims allow Florida prison workers thousands of dollars

Working a job is how the majority of people provide for their families and for themselves. Some people are fortunate in finding a job they truly enjoy, but even the most enjoyable job can become tainted when employers are not paying workers their rightfully earned wages. Sometimes filing wage claims is necessary when there is a discrepancy in time worked and the amount of pay received.

Employment discrimination could target pregnant Florida women

Discrimination is an act that no Florida worker should be on the receiving end of. However, employment discrimination occurs to many people all too often. Many people are discriminated against based on race, religion and several other factors. Recent reports are showing that even pregnant women have been the focus of discrimination in the workplace.

Employee rights important in Florida business deal

In times of economic hardships, the idea of a large company bringing a significant number of jobs to an area tends to be cause for celebration. Many people have been negatively affected in the recent economic situations and left unemployed without much hope of gaining employment in the near future. When a job is found, it may not always be the most ideal situation, and some workers are so desperate for employment that they will occasionally allow their employee rights to be infringed upon. However, employee rights should always be upheld and whether it is with a small business or a large company, there are labor standards that must be met.

Woman cop files sexual harassment suit against employing city

It seems that cases claiming sexual power-plays in the workplace never cease and do not decline. In one lawsuit filed in a federal court in another state, a female cop claims that she was sexually harassed and retaliated against by her supervising officer. Although the case is not in Florida, a sexual harassment claim based on federal law will follow the same principles regardless of the federal district involved.

Law firm settles gender discrimination claim by female attorney

A law firm should provide measures to insure that female attorneys don't make claims of gender discrimination, and then have the basis for the claims generally verified by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). A prominent Florida firm, Greenberg Traurig, just settled a lawsuit for gender discrimination with a female attorney, who is a former employee in one of the firm's offices outside of Florida. She filed the complaint in Dec. 2012 in a federal district court, and just settled recently by way of an order of dismissal with prejudice entered by a federal judge.

Florida prison workers launch class-action sexual harassment suit

A group of female workers who say they are the target of repeated and unwanted sexual attention in the prison where they work have been granted class-action status. This comes on the heels of multiple complaints about sexual harassment within the prison workplace from dozens of female employees. They allege the Florida branch of the Bureau of Prisons has not done enough to protect their safety and rights.

Florida federal prison faces class action sexual harassment suit

A federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) facility in Florida is under fire for alleged inappropriate conduct toward female staff by the inmates. The women say that they were regularly subjected to sexual harassment from the inmates and supervisors did nothing to stop it. Recently, an administrative judge granted the women the right to file a class action suit against the BOP.

Florida farm workers fight for employee rights

All employees are entitled to certain rights. When those rights are infringed upon or ignored, the safety and well-being of workers can be put at risk. Employers can violate employee rights in several ways from withholding wages to unsafe working conditions. Farm workers in Florida are currently taking action to acquire better working conditions.

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