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April 2013 Archives

Florida residents take part in gender discrimination survey

Attitudes toward equality have progressed significantly over the last few decades. For example, people's views on gay rights and toward immigration have changed drastically since a poll was taken in 1997. However, how women view their treatment in the workplace has changed a shockingly small amount, indicating they still face gender discrimination in the workplace. Participants in the survey were from all over the United States, including Florida.

Termination of Florida cop a possible employee rights violation

Most people would like security in their positions of employment. As they depend upon it to support their families and themselves, it is important to one's peace of mind to know that as long as they work hard and do their best, they will likely have a job the next day. If an employer fires someone as some sort of quest for revenge, an employee rights violation may have occurred. A former Florida police officer was convinced that he was fired without just cause and has fought for well over a year to do something about it.

Florida women claim gender discrimination still an issue

An amendment to the U.S Constitution proposed over 15 years ago is still a topic that is currently being debated. Because the Equal Rights Amendment, was only ratified by 35 states (instead of the necessary 38), it was never actually added to the Constitution. However, Florida women are hoping to help change that by urging the state legislature to finally ratify the amendment that would make gender discrimination illegal. The passing of the Amendment would bolster laws in place that ban discrimination in the work force.

Florida workers could join lawsuit over unpaid overtime

Most people assume that if they are going to complete work for their employee, they will be compensated for such work. However, employees at a national chain specializing in products costing only $1 say their employer frequently failed to pay them for overtime. Employees in Florida could join in a lawsuit attempting to recover wages if a judge allows the case to proceed as a class action lawsuit.

Florida women sue for sexual harassment

Most people assume that a hospice is a place that is free of conflict. It is a place for those with terminal illnesses to live the last days of their lives in as much comfort and peace as possible. However, three former employees of a Florida hospice allege that sexual harassment made their time anything but peaceful.

Florida legislature considers bill to regulate wage claims

There are few certainties in life. One certainty should be that an employee will be paid the previously agreed upon rate for the work they have completed. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, and sometimes employees have to fight to make sure that they have received fair payment for services rendered. In an effort to streamline the process of wage claims, a Florida legislator has proposed a law that will change the current procedure.

Florida wage-and-hour law violations may result in settlement too

Readers in Florida who have a vested interest in wage-and-hour law as it pertains to employment may be eager to learn about a recent settlement between the Doubletree Hotel and more than 100 employees. Purportedly, the hotel violated the Fair Labor Standards Act for failure to compensate employees properly. As such, the hotel will pay over $102,000 to recompense employees for wage-and-hour law violations.

Discrimination against pregnant women may get more defined

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act, or PDA, and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, or ADAAA, were intended to prevent pregnant workers from being discriminated against due to pregnancy or pregnancy related conditions. There seems to be some ambiguity in the laws that may need further clarification. Two complaints recently filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission may help provide better definitions concerning these areas of employment discrimination. One complaint was filed by a hospital worker in Florida, and the other was filed by a UPS driver.

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