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February 2013 Archives

Living wage ordinances in Florida may be repealed

Wage claims often involve small amounts of money which can make a large difference to an employee trying to make ends meet. Wage laws can also adversely impact employees when economic conditions change after legislators pass the law. Readers in Broward County will want to know more about a proposed wage-and-hour law that could repeal local ordinances on living wages.

When discrimination affects you at work and at home

Unfortunately, if you are being discriminated against at work you may also be battling discrimination in other areas of your life. We frequently write about workplace discrimination scenarios that could only happen at work, such as failure to promote due to gender discrimination. However, many Americans struggle with discrimination on multiple fronts. It is important to know that you are protected by law against discrimination in a myriad of contexts.

Nurse sues hospital for racial discrimination in patient staffing

While it shouldn't be the case in 2013, the sad reality is that racism is still alive and well in America. Few places is this more apparent than in the workplace. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 barred employers from engaging in race discrimination, but how far do these employee protections extend?

Case involves alleged retaliation for occupational illness

Sometimes, the alleged behavior of employers is almost too abhorrent to discuss in good taste. When devoted workers give their time and energy to an employer only to have that individual or company treat them with utter disrespect, it can be challenging to talk about in a diplomatic manner. However, it is critically important that we engage in discussion about frustrating cases, precisely because workers who experience similar realities must understand that they are not alone and can enforce their rights in court.

Family and Medical Leave Act is 20 years old: can we improve it?

We have written many times about the importance of the protections offered by the Family and Medical Leave Act. The FMLA has protected the jobs of countless employees when they needed to take an extended period of work leave to address family or medical concerns. Some common reasons for leave include long-term personal illness or the illness of a family member and the birth or adoption of a child.

Caregiver discrimination increasingly aimed at men

Gone are the days when women were expected to stay home and the decision of a father to stay with his children would have been received with either confusion or disdain. Due to evolving perceptions of gender roles in the home, more and more men are choosing to act as either a primary or an equally situated caregiver of children.

Teacher sues Florida school district for wrongful termination

In 2007, a Florida teacher pleaded guilty to criminal battery after he allegedly pushed a student's head into a door after a 2006 incident. But despite it being his first offense, and it being almost three years later, in 2010 the state Education Practices Commission suspended his teaching license because of a 2008 law mandating such sanctions of any teacher convicted of misdemeanor battery of a minor.

Former Oprah Winfrey Network employee alleges sex discrimination

We have previously written that high-profile employment lawsuits inspire much public dialogue about office politics as well as help employees better understand their own rights in the workplace. One such lawsuit will certainly get the public's attention, as it is associated with one of the country's richest and most respected women.

Second term may bring progress on GLBT rights in the workplace

Last year, many GLBT activists were understandably frustrated when the executive branch failed to institute a sexual orientation discrimination ban in federally contracted workplaces. However, many individuals seeking greater enforcement of GLBT rights are hopeful that such action will be taken in President Obama's second term in office.

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