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December 2015 Archives

Fox Sports 1 reporter alleges employment discrimination

Many Florida sports fans may be familiar with watching long time reporter, Colleen Dominguez. After her many years of service in the industry, Dominguez claims that she lost her job because she was getting older. She believes she is the victim of employment discrimination and has filed a federal lawsuit against Fox Sports 1.

Woman seeks unpaid overtime for being misclassified as a manager

Most employees have the goal of being promoted into management positions in the hopes of more authority and better wages. Unfortunately, some companies abuse the manager title as a way to avoid paying employees for overtime. An employee of Brahler's Trucking Supply outside of Florida alleges that when her title was changed to manager, she was the victim of wage theft because she was misclassified. She has filed an unpaid overtime claim against the company in a federal court.

Home Depot faces accusations of workplace discrimination

Discrimination is a very serious issue in the workplace that can take many forms. Workers who are being mistreated do not have to tolerate the abuse and have a legal right to file a workplace discrimination claim when the discrimination alleged constitutes a violation of the law. A woman who worked for Home Depot outside of Florida claims that she was mistreated based on several protected status characteristics and has filed a lawsuit in a federal court.

Butcher wins over $2M for his sexual harassment lawsuit

Imagine if every day at work consisted of being on alert for fear of being touched or groped unwillingly. How long should this kind of conduct continue before there is an intervention? A man who worked for a grocery store outside of Florida claims that he suffered sexual harassment for years at the hands of his co-workers and has filed his claim in a federal court.

Clinic may pay over $4M for forcing workers to work off the clock

Even with the rush of the holiday season, Florida employers are still required to allow workers to take their meal periods and be paid for any overtime in accordance with the law. A clinic outside of Florida is facing a class action lawsuit and being accused of several wage and hour violations. These include altering time card records and forcing the employees to work off the clock to avoid paying overtime.

CNN writer-producer says he is the victim of race discrimination

A writer-producer at CNN has filed a case against the newsroom in a federal court outside of Florida. He claims that CNN discriminated against him because of his race. He began working for CNN in 2010 and, according to his lawsuit, is the only black male in his position that works on any CNN programs that are made by CNN World Headquarters.

Merchandisers sue their employer for unpaid overtime claims

Especially during the holiday season, many Florida workers are looking to pick up some extra money. Many employees will work hours that should be paid at an overtime rate. If employees don't get paid the way that they should and their families are counting on the additional money, it can cause unnecessary hardship. A group of workers for a merchandising company in another state believe that they are owed unpaid overtime.

Cintas settles employment discrimination lawsuit for $1.5M

Cintas Coporation, a company that provides uniforms to clients across the United States, including Florida, is facing a complaint filed by the Equal Opportunity Commission. The company is being accused of employment discrimination based on gender. Cintas had allegedly discriminated against women during the hiring process in another state.

Man allegedly harassed, arrested and fired for religious beliefs

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is working with an American Muslim man to help him fight back against the alleged discrimination he faced. The plaintiff worked for the Sheriff's Office in Orange County, Florida, as a deputy for approximately six years before he was fired. He believes he was discriminated against because of his religious beliefs.

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