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Man Claims His Disability And Age Led To His Wrongful Termination


Losing a job is always difficult, but such a loss is especially difficult when it is the result of an illegal employment practice. A man working outside the state of Florida alleges that, based on his age and disability, he was the victim of a such a devastating loss, and he has filed a complaint claiming wrongful termination. His complaint will be heard by a federal court.

The plaintiff began working for Laboratory Corporation of America in 1983. In 2013, his health took a turn for the worse, and the man discovered that he had a tumor on his kidney, making surgery necessary. He claims that he told his employer about his condition and explained that he would need to take time off work for the procedure and recovery.

A little over a month after the plaintiff had surgery, he returned to work with light-duty restrictions. After about two weeks, he was able to perform his job as normal. A short time later the 59-year-old man was fired.

The plaintiff claims that he was fired illegally and that the company violated the West Virginia Human Rights Act because his termination was based on his legally protected status characteristics. Because of his ordeal, the plaintiff claims that he suffered emotional duress and embarrassment, and he is seeking monetary damages. Florida individuals who believe that their terminations were unlawful may consider pursuing wrongful termination claims. If the court determines that the law has been broken, the claimants may be reinstated into their former positions, as well as be awarded whatever financial redress the court deems just.

Source:, "30-year employee accuses LabCorp of discrimination, wrongful firing", Kyla Asbury, Oct. 23, 2015

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