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Cintas Settles Employment Discrimination Lawsuit for $1.5M


Cintas Coporation, a company that provides uniforms to clients across the United States, including Florida, is facing a complaint filed by the Equal Opportunity Commission. The company is being accused of employment discrimination based on gender. Cintas had allegedly discriminated against women during the hiring process in another state.

Starting in 1999, Cintas allegedly did not hire women as sales representatives. This activity apparently continued until 2005. According to the investigation by the EEOC, there was evidence that women applied, but there was a significant amount of women who were not hired.

The EEOC determined that Cintas' hiring practices violated Title VII of the Civil Rights. Cintas had an existing discrimination claim, and the EEOC joined the lawsuit. Ultimately, the court approved a consent decree, and Cintas agreed it would pay back wages of $1,5000,000 to the affected class of women who were not given positions. Cintas will also pay any additional $50,000 that will be distributed to the aggrieved by a third-party claims administrator.

Cintas agreed that the criteria that was being used to screen, interview and select candidates would be re-evaluated by a third- party expert. The company will also provide additional training to interviewers. Continuing education on anti-discrimination will be provided yearly to all employees as part of the agreement along with other trainings. Cintas will also pay an additional $50,000 to a third-party claims administrator to distribute money to the class. Hiring practices that include employment discrimination based on any protected status characteristics is unlawful, and Florida workers may choose to file legal claims for any allegedly illegal actions taken by employers.

Source:, "Cintas to pay $1.5M to settle discrimination lawsuit", Dec. 1, 2015

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