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Learn What To Do If Your Boss Breaks The Law


Earlier this year, The Amlong Firm published a white paper containing important information for whistleblowers. If you have not yet had taken a few minutes to read through the paper, we encourage you to do so now. This white paper provides tips that could help you protect yourself if you witness something illegal at work and decide to take a stand.

A few of the useful topics covered in the paper include:

  • How to tell if you might be a whistleblower
  • What types of illegal conduct count for blowing the whistle
  • How to protect your own rights while taking a stand
  • What remedies might be available if you were fired or retaliated against for objecting to illegal behavior

To learn more about these and other important topics that may be helpful if something illegal is going on at your job, read "Blowing the Whistle: When Your Employer Breaks the Law."

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