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Harassment in the workplace ongoing problem in Florida


South Florida is an area that is sometimes called a "melting pot," where all people should be accepted. The reality, however, is that many prejudices remain surrounding national origin, race and/or religious affiliation that could affect employees in the workplace. Many employees suffer from harassment because of these and other issues.

The Amlong Firm is comprised of dedicated and experienced attorneys whose vast understanding of employment law allows them to aggressively protect the rights of those who have suffered discrimination in the workplace. As your personal advocate, a member of our legal team will act on your behalf in court to pursue justice. With our help, you can be assured of sound legal counsel and effective representation as you seek to hold those responsible for harassment accountable for their actions.

We have successfully litigated on behalf of many who have suffered unjustly in the workplace due to their ethnic backgrounds, race or religious beliefs. Our dedicated trial lawyers are prepared to investigate and substantiate your claim in order to seek a fair resolution to your problem. Whether you have been the victim of racial slurs, unkind remarks based on your age, religion or ethnicity, or you have suffered repeated harassment and sexual offenses, we are prepared to see that justice is done.

To arrange a consultation with an experienced member of the legal team at The Amlong Firm, simply call our Florida office at (954) 953-5490 or use the contact form available on our website. We serve clients in the Fort Lauderdale area and throughout the state. We will make your harassment issue in the workplace our priority.

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